Saturday, February 6, 2010


in the deep of silence .. walk passed by the pasar street while taking a deep breath.. i tried to write something in here to full fill me. just few days back, i got a message from my long lost friend.. she invited me for her wedding tomorrow and still i havent decide to attend the wedding.. there are much thing that i concern about and hesitate me, and by the way, i shud be with my friends right now for coffee and movie but i didnt make it. A dramatic change in phase of my life make me tired and bored.. ahhh.. life is stinks!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik

Fuhhh penat.. at last i did it! i berjaya melepasi test2 yang sgt la memenatkan.. seperti yang semua sedia maklum, 8/8/09 adalah hari keramat untuk semua warga malaysia yang mengambil peperiksaan memasuki perkhidmatan pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik Gred M41 okkey?? its a big number and bcoz of the big number the test was also need ur big attention and focus. Maybe for the first time candidate like me, lots of suprise u`ll have.

i was just on time during the first test start.. it was Seksyen A pengetahuan am mengenai Malaysia dan alam sekeliling. It contains 60 questions and need to answer in one hour.. as soon as the test have started, everybody keep silent.. slowly, i turned to the first page and read the question. ( ahh! senang je tak study pun boleh buat neh!) in not just 1 minute. i've completed the first five question with big grinned, then i turned to the next page and somehow i could not answer one of the question and again i turned to the next page and suddenly the stupid words just smoothly came out from my mouth with a little shout like the room is mine. This is hard man!

Apakah instrument yang paling penting dalam Muzik Mak Yong?
a) rebana
c) Cak Lempong
d) Can't remember
e) also Cant remember

What the heck? even Makyong also i ever heard.. who is she and which state play this music ohh gosh! i`m dead!

Apakah tugas pemegang Cap Mohor diRAJA?
i) mengisyhtiharkan tarikh berpuasa
iii) Memanggil majlis raja-raja untuk bermesyuarat
iv) xxxxxx

i swear to God, i never knew exactly the Sultan, Raja-raja thingy and their jOb or their responsibilities. Somehow i just tembak2 and decided to choose (i) and (iii) as the answer. Hopefully my instinct is correct. i could say that only 20% out of 100% my answers are correct and the rest like buntot ayam! finished with section A.

Then come to section B where this is the most interesting part of my story.

Section B is Daya Menyelesaikan masalah and divided into three which are Kemahiran Logik, Kemahiran Menginterpretasi Data and Konsep Matematik. This section contains of 40 questions which need to answer in 45 minutes.

This part supposed to be the easiest part out of 5 sections. Just a simple mathematical concepts form five standard which need to apply some logical thinking with interpretation, But somehow it turns to be upside down. Calculator are not allowed (zaman dah moden la.. makcik!! grr..) and the questions were super duper long!! let me just give an example of the question

Pada tahun 1991 umur adam adalah dua kali umur aishah dan umur raju 25 thn lebih muda daripada adam. pada tahun 2001 umur Mr X adalah separuh daripada umur aisyah. pada tahun 2007 Mr X berumur 21 tahun. berapakah umur Raju ketika Mr X dilahirkan?

Adoiiii~( sambil tepuk dahi) pening kepala aku nak jawab bukannya satu je soklan mcmnie.. banyak dan banyak okkey?? dah la calculator tak leh pki aku yang agak slow neh bertambah menjadi slow.. GrrrR! mak tolong..

and finally i end up with tembak - tembak but this time was really tembak- tembak without read the question. Put A, B, C, D, E what ever i want.. i only did 20 out of 40 (sad..)

The third Section, Section C is Pengertian dan Kefahaman terhadap esei- esei.. It merely same as the normal comprehensive question during secondary school. 10 question in Bahasa and 10 Question in English. Total = 20. and Section D and E is writing an essay in Bahasa and English 300-500 words.

Though the test was tiring and confusing it was a great experience i had and to those who plan to take this so called PTD test next year, These are my advise to u:

1) Make Sure one week before the test u must sleep with Pengajian Malaysia notes and read the notes thoroughly until u know well about the judiciary system and the scope of sultan, prime minister, dewan undangan negara, dewan undangan negeri, parliament and little about dasar ekonomi negeri/negara, dasar- dasar kerajaan and not to forget Mak yong instruments.

2) know how to calculate the interest of car houses or so what ever..

3) Practice your skill to answer the long- long mathematical questions without using calculator in less than 2 minutes or exactly in 1.125 minutes. ( 45min divided to 40 question)..

So above all are the only tips i have with me. Further tips pls log in to ;) toodles (learnt from maisarah)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Excitement of Ramadhan al Mubarak

Its Ramadhan again.., all the Muslims will celebrate the ramadhan moon within just few weeks, the happiest and full of disillusionment month. i really hope this coming ramadhan will bring me to the bright side and make me a better person. i pray Allah S.W.T will forgive all of my sins and accept my repentance. Anyway.. I just want to share some quick preparation for Ramadhan where i got it from Fathi Thahire one of our Sisters.

A Quick preparation for Ramadhan
1.. Start reading Quran daily after Salat al-Fajr.
2.. Spend some time listening to recitations from the Quran.
3.. Train yourself to go bed early so that you can wake up far Salat al-Fajr.
4.. Keep yourself in a state of Wudu (Ablution) most of the time. ...
5.. Evaluate yourself daily before going bed.
6.. Thank Allah for good deeds, and repent to Him for your mistakes and sins.
7.. Start giving Sadaqah (donate) daily , no matter how little. Make it a habit like eating and drinking.
8.. Find time to pray extras, such as Tahajjud prayers .
9.. Spend more time reading Islamic books, especially the Quran, Hadith, and Fiqh.
10. Find time to help others with your wisdom, knowledge and other talents.
11. Try to write articles on Islam for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims.
12. Associate with Muslim scholars / ulama and other pious people so that you may learn from them.
13. Train yourself to do good, render free service to others to seek the pleasure of Allah.

What to avoid
1.. Avoid/reduce watching TV ; instead spend more time reading the Quran and other Islamic literature.
2.. Avoid looking at unlawful pictures, whether magazines, department store catalogs or otherwise.
3.. Spend free time in Masajid , Islamic organizations and make that a daily habit. ... Read More
4 . If you smoke , try to reduce daily usage; otherwise Ramadan will be very difficult for you to observe.
5 . If you have friends who do not practice the teaching of Islam, try to avoid socializing with them.
6 . If you travel a lot on business, try to do more local business, so you can be more closer to your family and community.
7 . If you are used to staying up till midnight, try to go to bed earlier, so that you will be able to wake up early for Salat al-Fajr
and Tahajjud prayers as well.

To prepare ourselves before the month of Ramadan arrives is far better than waiting till it comes. To prepare ourselves for anything in life is a sign of wisdom and maturity. No one is assured of living one day more; tomorrow may not come. So hurry and benefit from blessings
and rewards from Allah.

Remember: " Time is not money or gold; it is life itself and is limited . You must begin to appreciate every moment of your life and always
strive to make the best use of it."

A Quick Checklist
1.. Make a resolve to win the maximum favor of Allah by performing extra Voluntary prayers (Nawaafil), making frequent Dua and increased remembrance (Dhikr).
2.. Try to recite some Holy Quran after every Prayer. In fact if you read 3-4 pages after every Prayer you can easily finish the entire Quran in Ramadan!
3.. Study the Tafseer ( commentary) every morning.
4.. Invite a person you are not very close with or your relatives to your home for Iftaar, at least once a week (Weekend). You will notice the blessings in your relationships!
5.. Bring life to your family! Everyday, try to conclude the fast with your family and spend some quality time together to understand each other better.
6.. Give gifts on Eid to at least 5 people: 2 to your family members, 2 to your good friends, and 1 to a person whom you love purely for the sake of Allah.
7.. Make commitment to join Islamic study circles to learn more about Islam and improve your own life.
8.. Donate generously to the Masajid, Islamic organizations , and any where people are in need or oppressed. "Because Ramadan, is a month of sharing!"
9.. Share month of Ramadan and its teachings of peace and patience with your neighbors.
10. Sleep little, eat little! Make sure you do not defeat the purpose of fasting by over-indulging in food and being lazy
11. Seek the rare and oft-neglected rewards of the night better than 1000 months (Laylatul-Qadr / Shab-e-Qadr ).
12. Weep in private for the forgiveness of your sins: Ramadan is the month of forgiveness and Allah's Mercy! It's never too late.
13. Learn to control your tongue and lower your gaze. Remember the Prophet's (pbuh) warning that ... Read Morelying, backbiting, and a lustful gaze all violate the Ramadan fast!
14. Encourage others to enjoin and love goodness, and to abandon everything that Allah dislikes. Play the role of a Da'ee (one who invites to Allah) with zeal, passion, and sympathy.
15. Experience the joy of Tahajjud prayers late at night and devote yourself purely and fully to Allah in the Itikaf retreat during the last 10 days of Ramadan

Enjoy the cute song by Yusof Islam 'Ramadhan Moon'

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The day I spent my life

since last 2 weeks i`ve been trying to be a good daughter to my mum, trying to sit at home quietly without going anywhere.. trying to do house keeping and concentrate and trying to not to sleep after subuh praying and guess what its only last for few days! and the following days i became my self again. The truth color of me slowly showing out, instead of wake up at 6.30 am.. i wake up at 12 pm everyday, sit in front of the screen tv for the whole day and and do nothing but just sit ideally. Obviously i`m not ready to get marry yet.. hehe.."Kalau dulu.. 23 tahun dah pandai masak.. zaman sekarang neh .. tido pon peluk teddy bear lagi" thats what i heard from people. its really true.. we can see the difference between the girls in 1990s and the girls in 2000s. Lets us compare our self and make a consideration.
1. Mostly they are very feminine, wearing kain batik at home and good in cook which if
compare to me, zero marks! my mum will failed me at the first place without testing my cook. unfair right?? but what i do.. she is professional.
2. i don`t know how to wear kain batik and even if i try i don`t think will fit me well
3. They tend to be motherly rather than now days, which are more aggressive and
4. And of course 70% of them (according to me) tend to get marry at the age of 23 but only 50% ( according to me also) get marry at the age of 23 bcoz they have just started their life and feel that its too early to get marry ( kawen?? gile ape.. nak bagi anak bini makan batu ke??)

in response to what people have said.. my boyfriend told me that they are feminine and good in cook because they have to be, as they get marry early. But somehow, since people getting marry late.. nobody to hug. So, instead of husband they hug a teddy bear. Its a lame excuse but still acceptable and I bet i had enough. For these reasons i`m not blaming my self to goyang kaki at home while waiting for an employment. The thing is when u have nothing to do and u have no daily routine ur body will react to ur mind state and become lazy. Why??? bcoz we used to live in this circumstances. So no worries if i am labelled as a lazy or anything bcoz.. i know my self =) cheers..

In Batek Sarong: Cantekkk kannn ?? ( Trying to put my face on her)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Dengan pembuka kata, Allah yang Maha Pemurah, Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang. hamba memula bicara.. semoga apa yang tercatat di dalam warkah hari ini.. menjadi pedoman hidup hamba untuk selamanya. Bila dimana hamba lalai.. disinilah titik permulaaan hamba kembali ke jalan yang diredhaimu. amin..

Setiap manusia tidak akan pernah terlepas daripada melakukan dosa, dari sekelumit sehingga sebesar-besar dosa yang telah dilakukan.. Betapa kecil dan kerdilnya kita di sisi Allah S.W.T.. Namun yang demikian kasih sayang Allah itu sangatla besar.. sehingga tidak dapat untuk kita nyatakan betapa besarnya kasih dan sayang Allah kepada hamba-hambanya.. Setiap hamba yang bertaubat pasti akan menerima keampunan dari-Nya..

riwayat Rasulullah s.a.w. memperdengarkan ayat: "Walladzina idza fa'lahu fahisyatan au dholamu anfusahum dzakarullaha fastagh faru lidzu-nubihim, waman yagh firudzdzunuba illa Allah, walam yashirru ala maa fa'alu wahum ya'lamun (135) Ula'ika jazaa'uhum maghdiratun min robbihim wa jannatun tajri min tahtihal anharu kholidina fiha wani'ma ajrul amilin (136). (Yang bermaksud): "Dan mereka yang bila berbuat kekejian atau zalim terhadap siri sendiri, langsung ingat kepada Allah lalu minta ampun dari dosa mereka, mengerti benar-benar bahawa tiada yang mengampunkan dosa kecuali Allah, dan tidak merahajalela dalam dosanya, sedang mereka mengetahui. Untuk mereka tersedia pengampunan Tuhan dan syurga yang mengalir dari bawahnya beberapa sungai, ekkal mereka didalamnya, sebaik-baik pahala bagi yang beramal." (Surah: Al-Imran 135-136)

Dan kita sebagai manusia tidak berhak untuk menghukum.. tidak berhak untuk membenci dan tidak berhak untuk mencaci.. setiap kejadian di atas muka bumi ini adalah diatas ketentuannya. We dont have the right to judge people because things happened with reason. Kadang-kala bila kita mengenali seseorang yang menzalimi dirinya sendiri, dengan serta-merta perasaan benci datang. Terlintas di fikiran siapakah kita untuk membenci sedangkan dosa yang dilakukan adalah diantara dirinya dan Allah S.W.T. sehinggakan di dalam satu situasi dimana umat manusia alpa akan tanggungjawab mereka sesama umat.

Inilah yang berlaku apabila pesakit2 HIV dewasa yang beragama Islam berlindung di bawah naungan orang yang bukan beragama islam di dalam sebuah gereja. Alangkah sedih dan pilunya.. umat islam kini. Di antara ribuan umat Islam tiada siapapun yang perihatin dan tidak sekalipun mengambil perkara seperti ini menjadi tajuk utama berita dan saya sendiri tidak menyedari bahawa tiada pusat perlindungan untuk pesakit HIV positif yang beragama Islam di Malaysia sehinggalah membaca coretan email daripada Ustaz Muhammad Bin Abdullah. Terima kasih diucapkan kepada ustaz atas keperihatinanya dan atas sifat tanggungjawabnya untuk menyedarkan kita semua daripada terus lalai.

Beginilah keadaan pesakit-pesakit HIV positif bersama ustz. Muhammad Bin Abdullah dan Kak Liza

Sesi ceramah agama di lakukan di dalam sebuah bilik di gereja

Bilik yang menempatkan salah seorang pesakit HIV positif

Di Gereja inilah pesakit- pesakit HIV positif ditempatkan

Seharusnya Kita semua umat Islam haruslah bertindak dengan segera.. melakukan apa yang termampu bukan hanya dengan berkata - kata tapi melakukan apa yang sewajarnya.. salam ukhwah

Friday, July 24, 2009


since last 28days, i have attended for 4 interview session with Vads, TI, TM Annex 1, and VDSL. I've been rejected by two of them and still waiting for the rest. The worst i had was with VDSL company, where i failed to answer most of the questions. It was not that difficult but it was me. The funny thing was when he draw me a symbol and i couldn't answer untill he told me that it is diode (ahahahahaha) It always happened to me, i knew the symboll really, just forgot. Grrrrr . Anyway, here are some tips that might be useful to prepare urself before the interview.
  • First, be 15 min earlier before the interview start
  • Introduce yourself and get to know the name of interviewer from secretary
  • Comfort with yourself when u seat and always smiling to make yourself feel good.
  • Answer each question ardently and stick with your answer
  • Be confident and honest when you answer each question. If u don't know just say it and don't try to improvise otherwise, u really good in it. (Some interviewer they don't really look whether the answer is wrong or right but how u tackle the quest. given)
  • Most of the time the interviewer will ask u to introduce yourself and u have to start with your name (a short name easy for them to call u), where u come from, your higher qualification, working experience, hobbies, and your expectations for the job.
  • The important thing is you must know what you are looking for and describe it well.
  • From my experience, if your interviewer is Korean and have difficulty to communicate. Don't hesitate to ask them to repeat the question.
Goodluck to everyone =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Malaysia oh malaysia

Its been a while since last i wrote here, as usual not much thing to say, just a portion of life mix with another portion and become a history. The history that will remains in everyone and depends how they value that moment.

MJ the King of Pop has passed away at the age of 50, Nana just won 100 thousand dollar and break the records of "Jangan Lupa Lirik", and me sitting here, jobless waiting for miracle to happen, maybe. As i go through the Sun newspaper dated on July 8, 2009, i saw an article about Decision today on use of english in teaching maths and science in the primary school. For me its quite dissappointed when the government have decided to eliminate the system as this is the only chance to provide a platform for children to make an improvement, which is a step forward to the higher level of the education system now. But.. as the gorvenment had make the decision, its probably the best solution to all the problems arose regarding this issue. In mind, Malaysian just not ready to change just for one reason, the mentality of our people are very poor. Pity people at my age, who doesn have the spirit of patriotism in self. Something has to be done and all we need is just time.

p/s - 0320363888 en. shamsul cimb.